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Music is our life.These music are from audio jungle.Hope it will be good for you.

Inspiring-Inspirational Music

This is very much a Beautiful piano item.It is also one of the best selling item.


Upbeat Corporate – Uplifting Motivational & Inspiring

The Upbeat Corporate is upbeat, inspiring, uplifting, soft, lite, minimal corporate motivational background track, specially mixed for narrator voice (voice-over). Mood of this track is lite, inspirational, positive, moving, motivational, uplifting, background.


Corporate Motivational Inspiring Upbeat & Uplifting

Uplifting and motivational corporate track with an upbeat and energetic feel. Features harmonics, muted guitars & driving percussive elements.


Emotional Motivation Cinematic Trailer

Emotional Motivation Cinematic Trailer

Inspiring melodic piano Powerful culmination of the orchestra Powerful drums and percussion sonorous

Epic, Cinematic, Inspirational and Orchestral music with tracks which perfectly fits for inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, promotions, presentations, corporate videos, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, successful and business videos, games, applications, popular commercials, visuals and more!


Stylish Powerful Indie Rock 

Hard and energetic upbeat indie rock track with catchy, aggressive guitar riff. Strong beat with stomps and claps bring more confidence and power to this music. Excellent choice for motivational, extreme and sport videos, games, backgrounds, films, YouTube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and visuals. Similar style to The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, The Phantoms.


Inspiring Cinematic Trailer Adventure Motivational 

Epic music for trailer with brass, drums and orchestra. Powerful heroic soundtrack for your movie, video, game of YouTube channel. High quality epic trailer from audiojungle by StudioKolomna.

This soundtrack will be perfect for action, adventure videos or movies, extreme and ten-sieve scene like Go Pro or any sport video (downhill, skydiving, rope jumping, wing-suit, fly suit, racing).

Ideal for beautiful epic moments, landscapes, nature, drone video, panorama, motivational products and achievements.

This versatile beautiful and dramatic music will be relevant to many videos, slideshows, background for photos, ads, video game reviews.

The soundtrack is built in such a way that you can cut and shorten its duration in any of the pauses, and also combine these parts in any order. The cue has strong and clear sync points, so you can know for sure where the picture should change. All this simplifies the life of the video editor


Upbeat Corporate Uplifting Inspiration

Inspiring background track perfect for corporate projects.



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